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What is Chiliz


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The Chiliz (CHZ) coin, released by Socios.com in 2018, is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum network. This coin, which has blockchain-based tools, allows its users to interact between entertainment and sports organizations and their audiences and earn money from them. In this way, it is aimed that the fans have a say in the decisions taken in the team with the use of coins.

Aiming to establish a connection between e-sports and sports clubs and their fans, Chiliz (CHZ) contributes to the fact that the fans have a say in many issues such as who the best player will be chosen, the product and jersey design of the club.

Chiliz (CHZ) has experienced a demand that this coin, which has gained a serious momentum in recent years, has increased in value. One of the underlying reasons for this is the increase in the value of Bitcoin. The increase in Bitcoin has also caused movements in other cryptocurrencies.

With the Chiliz (CHZ) coin, users not only enable the fans to have a say in their team with the fan tokens released through Chiliz (CHZ), but also enable the licensed products of sports clubs to be purchased with this fan token.

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